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What are Blackheads and How to Treat Them?

There are many types of acne, blackheads are something that troubles us all, and are most associated with those who already have milk to severe acne. They are very noticeable in color and easy to diagnose and treat.

First, it is understanding what blackheads are?

Blackheads are one of two types of comedones. A blackhead refers to an open comedone, in which the plug of a clogged pore is open to the air on the surface of the skin. Unlike pimples, blackheads are not painful because there is less inflammation involved with this type of comedo blockage.

Where are Blackheads Found?

Blackheads often appear on the face because the skin found there contains a higher concentration of oil glands. Also, the T-Zone, which refers to the forehead, nose, and chin. However, these open comedones appear on various parts of the body, including the chest, neck, back, and buttocks.

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