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This is a perfect time to purchase some NEW sunscreen!

Looking-young and taking care of your skin goes hand in hand and it starts with you! Aging is genetics, environmental and also what you put on your skin to protect it, but is it reversing the signs of aging while you use it? These are things you need to consider!

Medical Grade products are the best out there because of their penetrating properties into the skin, if it isn’t penetrating, what is it doing to your skin? Is it protecting your skin? No! It’s a waste of money!!!

Our Skincare line “Vivier” here at Tranquility Medical Spa is the best in the industry because of its benefits and also results, we offer many kinds that leave your skin protected and glowy. Don’t hesitate to call us (705) 719-116 staying protected and keeping your skin looking-young is the best you could ask for! When everyone looks 50, you’ll be looking 35 and so on… Give us a call to see which SPF is best suited for you! #Vivierskin#Thebeautyofresults#healthyskincare#agingskin#SPF#Spfeveryday#protection#Medicalgrade#MedicalAesthetics#MedicalSpa#Tranquility#MidhurstOntario#BarrieOntario#SpringwaterTownship

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