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10 Ways Smoking Affects Your Skin

Cigarette smoking puts your overall health at risk, which includes the health of your skin. Cigarettes contain toxins that can cause premature aging and other skin conditions, including skin cancer. If you already have a skin condition smoking can worsen its symptoms.

Early Aging and Premature Wrinkles

Skin Pigmentation

Wound Healing


Acne Inversa


Palmar Telangiectasiaia


Skin Cancer

Worsening Existing Skin Conditions

By quitting, you’ll reduce the inflammation of blood vessels that leads to many smoking-related skin conditions. Your circulation and heart rate will improve, as will the functioning of your heart and lungs. The return of normal blood flow will bring oxygen and nutrients to skin cells and your skin can begin to look healthier.

Overall your body will start to heal itself. Your ability to heal from wounds will improve, too.

***One study found that dark spots and discoloration of the skin have subsided in participants several weeks after they quit smoking***

We are now days away from the NEW YEAR. Please take your health into consideration this year and quit today!!! It is never too late!!!

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